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I'm a 23-year-old Korean-American working in the corporate world as a Business Analyst. I graduated from Brown in 2023 with a degree in Computer Science and Economics. I publish a new piece, free to all readers, every Monday or Tuesday. You can expect these posts to cover: - Reflections on college and post-grad life - Practical career advice - No-nonsense personal finance - Monthly book + content reviews - And much more Come tag along as we navigate the most transformative years of our lives together!
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The newsletter is a free weekly newsletter designed to inspire our BIG ONES to find, live, and unleash their life purpose. We send insightful stories and actionable steps to help people fulfill their purpose in life.
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Where an autistic editor explores belonging, healing and expression. Get incisive, heart-centered guidance for your half-written newsletters and dusty drafts from Amanda Hinton, developmental editor, writing guide and mother.
From thought-provoking articles on Christian living and personal growth to uplifting messages of motivation and destiny.
The Thought Bubble is a quick and compact newsletter that gets you thinking about popular self help concepts, so you can constantly be working and improving to be your best self.
DailyNata is a newsletter dedicated to helping people learn European Portuguese. It offers free content in the form of emails containing funny jokes, cool quotes, and short stories. Subscribers receive 2-4 lessons in their inbox each week, with all content being freshly created and never duplicated. The emails also feature native pronunciations from a voice actor.
My goal is to help you become the best version of yourself.
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The Weekly Newsletter is a small, but popular newsletter in the world. Every Sunday, the latest issue is sent to many people – mostly women, but open to join for everyone. Each message includes a meaningful thought, personal learning or idea, meant to start a conversation. The Weekly usually takes 1 minute to read, but it will keep you thinking all day.
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Bite-sized explorations of the biggest topics in life.
Taking an oblique look at psychology, philosophy, science, and mysticism to get more out of life.